Taira Barron

Taira Barron


Taira Barron is the North Shore's local princess. At 19 years old, Taira's local knowledge is evident every session as she quietly paddles into the best-set waves of the day. With an easygoing, down to earth personality she is well known by the locals. Surfing with brothers and her Dad ever since she was young Taira knows the currents and swells of the North Shores most dangerous waves. She is thankful that she has family, friends, a roof over her head, and air in her lungs. 

Age: 19
Sponsors: O'Neill, Reef Shoes, Third Stone, Barron Shapes
Hometown: Sunset, North Shore of Oahu
Homebreak: V-Land
Sign: Aquarius

Occupation: Surfer, model, and horse trail guide

Years Surfing: 15

Other Hobbies: Riding horse, hiking, diving

Goals: Have a family and kids. Own an acre of land with horses on it, across the street from the beach on the North Shore

Inspirations: Rell Sunn for her Aloha Spirit she has left as a legacy for others & Jesus Christ for the blood He shed for us

Ethnicity: Hawaiian, Mexican, Pilipino, Chinese, German and Navajo

Motto: To be content with everything you have, even if you don't have anything

Personality: Mellow, Cruisey, adventurous, out-going, can be rowdy 

Favorite place: Home

Favorite board: Regular 5'11" 3rd stone, Barron shapes

Favorite wave height: 5 foot

Favorite music: Anything from Reggae, Rap, Hawaiian, Country, Jazz to Oldies 

Favorite time of year: Summer cause it's super mellow and there is no barneys on the North Shore and the East Side goes off.

Favorite book: Molokai by Alan Brennet 

Favorite movie: Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

Favorite meal: A smoothie and a good veggie sandwich with avocado 

Favorite artist: Thomas Kinkade

Surf Buddies: Natalie and Sarah Bridgeman

Who is you dream lover on the WCT: Anyone that's faithful

If you could meet anyone who has ever lived, who would you meet: Mary, Jesus' mother and Bob Marley

What do you think you've been in a past life: Um, I don't believe in reincarnation. But if I did, I'd say I was a Horse sometimes I think am one. (not to be weird it's just because I have a horse and I think I act and eat like one sometimes.

Religion: Christian

If you had to draw something on your surfboard right now, what would you draw? A picture

Annoyances: When the faucet is dripping

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