Paddy Graham
Full name: Paddy Graham
AKA: Reggie
Date of birth: 15 January 1988
Nationality: UK
Home town: Sheffield, UK
Height / weight: 1,85 m / 78 kg
Started skiing: 12 years old
Stance: Center -1
Favorite spot: LAAX
Local spot: Les Landes
Magic skis: Völkl TWO
Favorite trick: Switch 5
Favorite event: Red Bull Linecatcher
Heroes: JP Auclair

"I didn’t go to the mountains until I was a teenager but since that first trip I knew where my heart belonged, I don’t see myself happy anywhere else!"

This big fan of champagne powder hails from Sheffield, England. Paddy is one of the masterminds behind Legs of Steel and isn't afraid to send it where most others would wimp out. He chases snow across the globe, meaning he's always leaning something new.

Passenger - New movie by Legs of Steel featuring Paddy Graham

Innsbruck. Hokkaido. Edmonton. Revelstoke. Haines. Queenstown. Stubai Glacier. Many have passed through these places over the last two years; workers, travelers, adventurers…among them was a collection of friends bonded by a shared affinity for chasing snow to all corners of the globe. This group of skiers has come to be known as Legs of Steel, and they’ve been travel companions for a long time. Legs of Steel was born in 2009, produced from the ideas and passion of four friends and professional freeskiers with the common goal of making high quality and innovative freeski movies. O’Neill’s Paddy Graham is one of the masterminds behind Legs of Steel.

From their last two seasons of travel, through dedicated production comes their new film, Passenger.


When and how did you start doing your sport? I joined a high school ski trip to America, before we went on the trip I learnt to ski at the local ‘dry ski slope’ in Sheffield. Even though the slope was made from plastic I loved it and was hooked instantly.

When did you decide to become a pro? I don’t think I ever decided to become a pro, my first ski sponsor noticed me because I used to make my own stickers of the brand - until they gave me official ones - then they started to give me skis not long after!

How did you become a part of O’Neill? A good friend of mine was a snowboarder on the team, Dan Wakeham. I’ve looked up to him for a long time and he helped me meet the right people.

What makes you unreasonable? I try my hardest to find the best conditions to ski in. However far out, whatever the country, I just go all out to find the best.

What has been a highlight in your career? Making ski movies with Legs of Steel, especially the latest ‘Passenger’.

What are your plans for the future? I want to keep producing ski movies and create something that everyone can enjoy, especially the younger generations.

Name 10 things you never travel without? Laptop, iPhone, O’Neill boardies, toothbrush, notebook, wallet, rings, Red Bull, clean socks and a sense of humour.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? Learning something new.

If we visited you at breakfast, what would you be eating? Weetabix, 5 of them with a sprinkle of sugar.

If you weren't skiing what would you do? I’d like to think I’d be working in the outdoors or doing something active but in reality I’d probably be a failed rockstar!

Any other sports you are good at? I like downhill mountain biking, hiking and climbing. It’s hard to push your limits in other sports than the one you specialize in when your career depends on your body being 100%.

What music are you listening to? Rock.

What has been the scariest moment in your sport career? Avalanches.

What was your most embarrassing moment in your career/life? Falling off a chair lift in New Zealand.

How does your training routine look like? Skiing, a couple of gym workouts, biking and hiking. Just trying not to be lazy and being outdoor as much as possible.

Describe your perfect day? Deep Powder with friends and endless pillow lines.