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A woman’s bag is a special thing. You need the perfect combination of size and look . O’Neill’s collection of women’s bags and backpacks includes a bag for every occasion.Whether you’re looking for a long day on the mountain or just dashing off with friends. The broad range of colors and prints have something for every woman. There are plenty of options in O’Neill’s collection of women’s bags and backpacks. For a day walking around the slopes, try the Wilderness backpack. The sturdy build and extra pockets provide a decent space for your gear. Grab the camo print to spice up your outfit. The Shore break women’s backpack is a little smaller but offers plenty of space for an extra pair of gloves or beanie. If you’re looking to keep it casual, slip into the Coastline backpack in an array of colors. The Dorothy shopper is perfect for when you’re just running to the store and need an extra pocket.