Women's sunglasses

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Whether you’re in the snow or the sea, a good pair of shades is your first line of protection against the sun. O’Neill’s collection of women’s sunglasses features a wide variety of styles and colors. But all our glasses will keep your eyes fresh. With extra high UV protection, you won’t ever catch yourself squinting. And our polarized lenses kill the glare, so you can focus on doing what you love. For women looking for a tough wearing pair of lenses, the polarized Tube women’s sunglasses feature a wide fit so the sun can’t sneak in. If you’re looking for a classic feel, try the Vita shades, the aviator look will keep you in style wherever you go. For a more girly fit that still keeps you safe, try the Shoal frames. Whether you’re going out with friends or spending the day on the beach alone, O’Neill’s collection of women’s sunglasses is sure to keep you in style.