On October 16th, throngs of spectators and world-class surfers will travel to Santa Cruz, California, for the O’Neill Coldwater Classic, recognized as the longest-running surf event in Northern California. The first CWC took place at The Lane in 1985, and registered as a top-tier event on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour three years later in 1988, where it remained until 1990. The Classic dropped to a second-tier event on the World Qualifying Series for 21 subsequent years, among other professional circuits, before its accreditation back to the World Tour in 2012, where 32 of the world’s best surfers competed for a $425,000 purse prize. The event’s format has changed again in the two years since, as many now-unsponsored surfers travel to Steamer Lane for a winner-take all competition.


Check out the past editions

For the first time in almost twenty years no Coldwater Classic has been scheduled for 2016, but plans are worked out to return in 2017.

In case you missed it here are the winners of the past editions: The latest champion in 2015 is Rafael Texeira, 2014: Nathan Yeomans, 2013: Torrey Meister, 2012: Taj Burrow, 2011: Miguel Pupo, 2010: Matt Wilkinson, 2009: Nathan Yeomans, 2008: Nat Young, 2007: Jordy Smith, 2006: Toby Martin, 2005: Bobby Martinez, 2003: Kieran Horn, 2002: Adam Replogle, 2001: Roy Powers, 2000: Joel Parkinson, 1999: Chris Gallagher, 1998: Chris Gallagher, 1997: Peter Mel, 1993: Taylor Knox, 1992: Todd Miller, 1990: Tom Curran, 1989: Martin Potter, 1987: Ritchie Collins and the winner of the first edition in 1985/86 was Anthony Ruffo.


Cold Water Classic champion 2015!

The 2015 edition we saw Brazilian surfer Rafael Teixeira dominate the final and take home the win (worth $8000,-)
with an excellent 9.00 opening ride and (very) late back-up score of 7.10. Teixeira held off three Americans in the four-man final, two of which were combed.
In 2015 the Cold Water Classic was part of the Red Bull Signature Series. View the full TV episode:

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