O'Neill 10'6 inflatable Stand Up Paddle board

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O'Neill 10'6 inflatable Stand Up Paddle board
O'Neill 10'6 inflatable Stand Up Paddle board




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The O'Neill inflatable SUP board was designed to make stand up accessible to all. The Dropstitch Stringer Technology provides rigidity to this inflatable board. The extremly light weight (only 10kg inflated) allow everyone in the family to use it and to discover the pleasure of paddling on lakes, oceans and rivers. The board comes with a fin, a travel bag and double action pump which make it very easy to inflate your board to the recommended pressure of 15 PSI .
  • Package include: 10'6 X 33 Board, Single Fin, Paddle 20%, Leash 9', Travel bag and Double action pump
  • Model: Family, beginner, touring, small waves
  • Squash tale
  • 2 parts diamond deck pad with an additional quick to back and an harche
  • Extra soft neoprene carry handle perfectly centered
  • Plastic leash with its regulation system
  • Front hook and leash hook
  • US box and it's single fin set up with the handy screw system
  • Double action pump
  • Repair kit
  • Light weight: 10kg inflated
  • About 5 minutes to blow it up

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