Ilias Van Hoof
Full name: Ilias van Hoof
AKA: Ili, Jaske, Frak, Mr. Ping
Date of birth: 05th Mai 1999
Nationality: Belgian
Home town: Kontich
Local spot: Aspen Indoor
Height / weight: 1,78 m / 77 kg
Started snowboarding: 7 years old
Favorite spot: Mammoth
Favorite trick: FS360
Favorite event: Peace Park
Heroes: Superman

Interview Ilias van Hoof

When and how did you start doing your sport?
As a kid I had tons of energy. I was already playing basketball and doing gymnastics. I picked up snowboarding for the first time when I was about 7 years old trying to follow my older brother. At the age of 13 I really started to get into freestyle snowboarding. I quit playing basketball and gymnastics and never got of the board again!

When did you decide to become a pro?
Being a kid on a snowboard I always looked up to the pros wondering how it would be to do all these tricks and inspire other people. Besides the fact that I absolutely love to snowboard, looking up to those guys really boosted me, and it still does. It feels great to ride with them and being in the same contests with them.

How did you become a part of O’Neill?
I think it was 5 or 6 years ago so I was around 13 years old. I just got selected for the Belgian snowboard school. One of our first trips of the season we went to Stubai in Austria. I was just shredding and having fun, I wasn’t really thinking about O’Neill checking me out at that time. When suddenly the O’Neill team manager (shout-out to Pascal) came up to me end asked me what I thought about ridding for O’Neill? And it has been pretty sick the past 5 years!

What has been a highlight in your career?
It’s hard to tell you one highlight when you are pretty much on a snowboard every day. But every time I get back into the mountains and I can do what I love “it feels like a highlight to me”.

Ilias van Hoof

What are your plans for the future?
I can tell you that I want to snowboard forever. I just want to keep on learning new tricks and win big contests. Hopefully I can get some filming done as well.

Name 10 things you never travel without?
Of course my snowboard stuff. I always bring my skateboard. Don’t forget to bring your toothbrush. And than we have the Classics: Music, MacBook, camera, pocket knife, a O’Neill cap, water bottle. And one day I might bring my cat. haha

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?
Breakfast,… and 2 meters of fresh pow.

If we visited you at breakfast, what would you be eating?
Mostly I eat the healthiest breakfast ever,… but it happens that there will be a ton of pancakes on my plate.

If you weren’t snowboarding, what would you do?
I would run for President. Haha… Nah, I would definitely be doing something on a board, something creative…Just don’t put me behind a desk please.

Any other sports you’re good at?
Not that I’m a pro but I really like to skate and surf. (And I’m surprisingly good at bowling though).

What has been the scariest moment in your sport career?
The several times I got injured. I really hate when doctors tell you have to rest for a while.

Describe your perfect day.
I’ll invite all the homies on a good skate, snow, surf session. Oh! There has to be a BBQ at the end of the day

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