What happens when you challenge four filmmakers to re-think a whole film genre? This was in fact the brief sent out to the artists engaged in the O’Neill UNREASONABLE film festival. Each filmmaker was chosen based upon the merit of their previous works, originality, and willingness to push the envelope and explore new territories. Their task: to reimagine the modern surf film and present their own unique vision. All artists received funding from O’Neill but maintained creative control and final cut of their films. What will be the outcome? We at O’Neill are as curious as you are. By relinquishing creative control, O’Neill is allowing the artists to have the freedom to explore new territories and push their ideas to the next level.The first film will kick-off the online film festival on June 25th, followed by a new video each and every week, with the final film showcased on July 23th.

Episode 4: "Waveform" Directed by Stefan Nadelman

The O’Neill UNREASONABLE film festival continues with film no. 4: Waveform from award-winning artist Stefan Nadelman from Portland, USA. Immerse yourself in fast-paced surfing sequences full of action, color, and fluid motion that expose waveforms in a new light. Stefan Nadelman (USA) is a Sundance Award-winning filmmaker who specializes in animation. Stefan recently received acclaim for his animation work on the Sundance-premiered Kurt Cobain film, Montage of Heck.

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Episode 3: "Beyond the Waters"
Directed by Johan Perjus & Freshteh Piltan

The O’Neill UNREASONABLE Film Festival continues with the third film. In Antonym - Beyond the Waters, Johan Perjus and Fresteh Piltan take surfing to the most unexpected of regions on our planet, the desert. By taking the action of surfing and changing the context, Johan and Freshteh present a film that explores creativity but also our dependency on our oceans. Johan Perjus and Freshteh Piltan (both from Sweden), directors at B-Reel Sweden, have created commercial spots for H&M, Target, and a number of other global clients.

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Episode 2: "A Perfect Storm" directed by Andreas Roth

The second film in O’Neill’s UNREASONABLE Film Festival is now live! Featuring O'Neill's big wave surfer Mark Mathews, 'A Perfect Storm' by Andreas Roth utilises the construct of an open letter to the ocean to describe the emotions and the mindset of a surfer. The adrenaline rush, the concentration required, the frustration and ultimately, the relationship between the surfer and his/her environment. Andy Roth (Germany) directed a viral film for the Dirt Devil vacuum in 2011, which accumulated over 30 million views on Vimeo and officially was titled the fifth most viewed online film of 2011.

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Episode 1: "Aloha Nalu" directed by Steven Briand

Steven Briand (France): a.k.a. BURAYAN is a young director working in live action, animation, and mixed techniques. He’s best known for his short film Proteigon. To create his film Aloha Nalu, Steven worked with Team O’Neill surfer and professional athlete Malia Manuel to capture a lofty perspective on a single day’s surf session in Western Australia.

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Women’s surfing has come a long way and today’s women are charging harder and going bigger than ever before. From pin-up stars to performance athletes, the opportunities for women in surfing are endless. What does it take to perform at the highest level of professional surfing? How should women be represented within the sport? Let’s hear O’Neill team rider and WSL top 10 surfer Malia Manuel.

Is Soli Bailey Unreasonable?

At the ripe old age of 19, Soli Bailey has already established himself as one of the “next” surfers to watch. Hailing from hippie–friendly, laid-back Byron Bay, Soli won the the ASP Australasia Pro Junior Series in 2014 and has his eyes firmly focused on the future.  


Is Jordy Smith Unreasonable?

Jordy Smith is no stranger to the stress and pressure of competitions. Traveling the globe relentlessly and competing with the best surfers in the world is how he makes his living. What are Jordy's thoughts on the future of competitive surfing? What will it take to be a contender in the years to come? Here is here from the man himself.


Is Timmy Reyes Unreasonable?

Timmy Reyes started surfing at the age of nine in Huntington Beach, California. After a stint on the ASP World Tour, Timmy chose the road less traveled and now spends his time surfing remote, isolated, cold-water destinations. For Timmy it’s not about crowds or contests but rather the exploration and travel into the unknown where he truly feels alive. Big wave surfing has long been a pursuit for the few. Those with enough skill and nerve to challenge Mother Nature when she is at her most extreme.

Is Mark Mathews Unreasonable?

O’Neill team rider Mark Mathews is one of the sport's elite and has proven himself in some of the toughest conditions around the world. Watch as Mark discusses the future of big wave surfing and how one day mere mortals like you and I might someday ride these beasts.


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