Men's Boardshorts

Despite today’s focus on fashion conscious designs, the invention of the boardshort had a rather functional motivation. In the early years of surfing, people wore long cotton shorts to protect themselves from rashes occurring from paddling and sitting on waxed surfboards. Since then, boardshorts have continued to improve in functionality as well as style: Ultra -light and stretchy materials like polyester and elastane provide comfort and flexibility, while technical features like O'Neill Hyperdry, ensure that our boardshorts dry super quickly.

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As a pioneer in surfing history, O'Neill has played a major role in the development of high-tech surf shorts. Gradually, boardshorts in particular have ceased to be exclusively for watersports and are finding their way into non-surfers suitcases, so we created the world’s first denim boardshort. We’ve also made developments to improve sustainability. Last summer, we launched our first boardshort made from ocean plastic with bionic yarn. Incorporating the latest developments in sustainability and performance driven technology, these boardshorts are made for cleaner waves - literally! Our main collection is comprised of three different types of boardshorts: Technical, Hybrid and Regular. Technical boardshorts are designed to be surfed; they provide high flexibility, dry in the blink of an eye and provide sun protection and prevent rashes because of their extra length. On the other hand, our Hybrid boardshorts are suited for both on- and offshore adventures, so you can hike to your secret surf spot and enjoy the waves without even changing your shorts. If you’re looking for an all-rounder, our Regular boardshorts are extremely durable and still surf-able! No matter your preferences, we’ve got you covered! Close panel