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Girls Ski Jackets

We started making girls’ ski jackets for girls who love the feel of their skis in the powder and we tried to use as much of our proven technology as possible. Our 10k/10k waterproofing/breathability promises that you stay dry and warm when you’re on the slopes! So our girls’ ski & snowboard jackets don’t only look and feel great, but also protect you from the cold during a full day on the mountain.

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In 1952 Jack O’Neill created the first wetsuit and changed the future of surfing. The company that he founded spent years making the best gear for surfers before we started making the best gear for skiers and snowboarders. Our girls’ ski jackets are the result of decades spent making cool stuff that’s ready for the slopes. We work with the best designers and professional athletes in the world to figure out exactly what makes a piece of clothing perfect and our girls’ ski and snowboard jackets are the perfect example!

The Jewel girls’ ski Jacket is the perfect piece for any girl that wants to get out on the slopes and be comfortable, warm and fashionable. The coat and hood are insulated with O’Neill’s Firewall technology that promises to keep you warm in the coldest conditions. The Jewel girl’s ski jacket comes in many different colours and looks great with any pair of ski pants. Multiple pockets give you plenty of room to store your phone, an extra pair of gloves and even a snack for the lift.

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