O’Neill Ski Wear clothing
Get your snow gear at O’Neill!

Year in year out O’Neill always stands out during the snow season with the most awesome snow wear collection available! Premium designed ski jackets and snowboard pants with unique O’Neill Hyperdry Nano-technology. Upgrade your current ski clothing with an top-of-the-line O’Neill ski wear outfit!

Complete your ski wear look with a pair of ski gloves, ski goggles, a beanie or snow boots. Wherever you go this winter season, O’Neill will make sure you are dressed for the occasion and will give you the best skiing experience possible! O’Neill is committed to creating innovative solutions that help you stay out in the elements longer during the cold winter months. Take your pick in our ski wear collection. Now you’re all hooked up with the best snowboarding or ski gear, nothing stands in your way to be the best skier or snowboarder in the crowd!

Our ski jackets and ski pants are available in a wide range of colours, from dark to bright, from colorful to basic. Some ski wear outfits are specially designed by our O’Neill Team Riders, like Seb Toots and Jeremy Jones. Stop doubting and pick your new O’Neill ski gear today!

Which ski jacket is appropriate for me?

All our ski jackets offer the highest level of waterproofing, breathability and durability. You are able to adjust your ski jacket to regulate your body temperature and also features fully taped seams, pit zips and a snow gaiter, this is the barrier between the snow and your body when you take a tumble. This piece of fabric is found at the inside bottom of the jacket with press buttons to seal it and stop snow getting in. Also all our ski jackets and ski pants can be connected with each other by the O’Neill connector system: the connector system is located at the top of the pants. This lets you connect the pants snow gaiter to the jacket at the front as well as the rear and the sides. Just loop your belt through and away you go.

But which ski jacket fits your needs? You can choose between our traditional 2L shell jacket or go a level up with the 3 layer shell jacket, designed by Jeremy Jones. A hot ticket on the slopes this season is an Anorak jacket! Looking for a mid-layer that will also be suitable in the city, then the Down jacket is your best option.

Pick the best ski pants - to fit your need!

The comfortable fitting insulated ski pants offer fantastic warmth and protect you against the elements! With the highest level waterproofness, breathability and Thinsulate™ insulation, it will keep your legs warm in any weather condition which makes our O’Neill ski pants the ultimate riding pant for any skier or snowboarder out on the slopes all day! Our Ski pants are also equipped with O'Neill Hyperdry, to ensure you enjoy every minute of your time on the mountain. You can also make use of the connecter system with your O'Neill jacket to make sure you stay dry and practical.

At O’Neill you can choose between 3 different fits: slim, regular and relaxed fit. The fit says something about how tight the pants are around your legs. Some people like a baggy pants going down the slopes, others like a more fitted ski pants. Pick the ski pants that you feel comfortable with! And the large amount of colours available, you will always find the colour that matches your ski jacket!

Protect your eyes on the slopes!

A Pair of ski goggles are an essential piece of your ski and snowboard equipment when you’re out on the slopes all day. Goggles protect your eyes by creating a seamless wrap across your face and protects your eyes from cold winds and bright sunshine. An O’Neill snow goggle has a comfortable fit and provides maximum vision. The frame size of our ski goggles can variate, this depends on the size of your head and also what kind of style you look for. Most of our ski goggles have an oversized frame, because the past few winter seasons this became more popular. Did you know that a pair of well-made snow goggles can really improve your skiing experience. Do you want to know which ski goggle you will need next snow season and for which snow condition? And why our ski goggles are so special? We would like to explain and show you on the O’Neill ski goggle page!