Skins / UV-protection

men's UV shirts

UV Protection is a very serious matter at O'Neill! Every summer we design a special collection of UV protective clothing including men's UV shirts and rash guards that protect against the sun's harmful rays. All our Lycra UV tops feature top-of-the-line technology, like: U.P.F. 50+, 4-way stretch, rash protection, a boardshort connector and quick-drying fabric. Surf lighter and longer while protecting yourself from the sun.

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No one likes turning into a lobster in the sun, but most people put it in the back of their minds ones the redness fades away. Unlike you, however, your skin doesn't forget; direct exposure to the sun raises your risk of developing skin cancer substantially. But this shouldn't mean you have to stay inside! O'Neill UV shirts act as a second layer of skin, so you can have fun in the water without worrying about getting sunburnt.

Moreover, not wearing an extra layer can cause rashes that occur from paddling on waxed surfboards. So play smart and throw on a UV top, -or simply- skin!

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