Men's Wetsuits

Every surfer knows the struggle: if your wetsuit is too thick you're lacking of flexibility, whereas too thin will make you freeze. Now, imagine a wetsuit that gives you both: warmth and ultimate flexibility. Picture yourself shredding a wave in the dead of winter without even feeling the stiffness of a wetsuit. It's not a dream, it's just O'Neill!

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Since Jack O'Neill invented the first wetsuit in 1952, O'Neill has been a pioneer in developing new technologies to optimize watersport performance. We've never stopped improving -and never will- for the sake of supporting passionate surfers all over the world. Every O'Neill wetsuit is unique and developed to push performance in the waves, just find the one that meets your needs! Not sure which wetsuit to use under which conditions? Check out our wetsuit guide! If you're looking for wetsuits for women or kids just take a look here.

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