Men's sweatshirts / pullovers

Less is definitely more when it comes to the men’s sweatshirts and pullover collection. Stylish yet understated, this is the perfect collection for the guy who wants to play it cool. Go big or go bold in the printed crew-neck sweatshirt. Available in multiple colourways. Wear with jeans, chino's, shorts or layer up on those colder days. There's no such thing as owning too many sweatshirts or pullovers.

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At O’Neill we’re passionate about keeping you warm and comfortable on those days when the thermometer drops but your adventure can’t wait. Our men’s sweatshirts and pullover collection has something for every occasion—whether you’re just looking for a relaxing layering piece or something to keep the wind off your back when you and your posse are doing an early morning surf or skate session. For over half a century, we’ve been crafting the go-to apparel for surf and street-minded people who are as excited about what the day has in store as we are.

The Fishbone Sweatshirt is as comfortable and stylish as it gets, step out in this for any occasion, whether you’re chilling in your pad, hitting up a concert or checking the surf. If you’re looking to make more of a statement, the Paradise Sweatshirt and Conduct men's Sweatshirt will turn some heads and let people know that your outfits are defined by your lifestyle. Each O’Neill piece is carefully chosen from the designers who love the feel of sand between their toes and the view from the mountain’s peak. We’re confident that the moment you pull one of these pieces on is the moment that you won’t want to wear anything else.

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