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Boys UV shirts

Keeping the sun off your back and the board rash off your chest is an essential part of any beach bum’s day. O’Neill’s collection of boy’s skins UV protection has the right piece for any grom. Whether you’ve got salt water in your veins or you’re an occasional surfer. Like all our gear, our boy’s UV skins are hard-wearing enough to keep protecting your little bro long after you outgrow them.

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The Boy’s short sleeve shirt features UV protection better than most sunscreens. And best of all, it doesn’t wash off. The quick dry will keep away any rash that might try to get at you after you get out of the water and you’re hanging out on the beach with your buddies. O’Neill’s collection of UV shirts and skins also includes spring suits for toddlers. Now you can keep them safe even when there isn’t a bottle of sunscreen around.

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