When it comes to choosing your wetsuit, many factors can be taken into consideration. Which type of watersport you practice obviously plays a huge role in the determination which wetsuit you’ll want. Weather conditions and water temperature will also play a role in selecting some style, seasons will potentially make you change your choice, just like your personal preferences. However, no need to worry, we will help you find the perfect wetsuit for you. So sit down, take your time and learn everything about every wetsuit that O’Neill has available!


Springsuits are short legged suits with either short or long sleeves, to be worn in those pesky “one minute it’s warm, the next minute it’s chilly” seasons of fall and spring. A springsuit will offer excellent protection from the sun rays and keep your body core at a comfortable temperature.

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A fullsuit is hardcore business, available in a range of thicknesses to keep you comfy, no matter how cold you expect the weather and water to get. It extends along your arms and legs com-pletely for maximum coverage, making manoeuvring a little trickier in the thicker editions, but on the upside you’ll be able to stay in the water much longer than ever before. Good to know: our modular Mutant wetsuits can be modified to add a hood!

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A Short John wetsuit is flexible due to its thin layer of neoprene, sleeveless and short legged for summer wear, with a full range of arm motion, while still insulating your core warmth for a comfortable sunrise surf or sunset paddle. Long John wetsuits are a likely choice for a cooler water climate with a warm air temperature. Covering you from neck to ankle in a thin layer of neoprene to seal in your body heat, it keeps your arms free and allows the sun to kiss your skin while you’re out in the water.

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A hooded fullsuit, or long arm steamer, is designed to keep your body safe and warm in the most frigid water and the coldest weather. Complete your full coverage with boots and gloves as needed.


A wetsuit vest comes into play in warmer weather whenever you’re looking for a touch of sun protection, protection from board rash, or insulation from a gentle wind chill. Bonus: you still have a full range of arm motion. Mix and match with either wetsuit shorts, your favorite pair of boardshorts or other swimwear, or pop it on over or under a longer suit for extra warmth in cooler weather or water.
A wetsuit jacket provides extra arm coverage compared to the sleeveless vest option, keeping your upper body and arms warm in climates with a cooler wind chill factor. Wetsuit jackets can be paired with wetsuit shorts, your regular swimwear, or even layered overtop of a sleeve-less or short sleeved suit. Keep in mind that jackets often have front zippers, which can be a touch uncomfortable for surfers specifically. (Don’t worry, we have other options for you!)

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