Men's wallets

A beach bum’s wallet says more about him than what’s inside. This season, don’t get caught with the typical, boring leather billfold. O’Neill’s collection of men’s wallets includes enough styles to keep you looking fresh, even when that wallet is skinny. Whether you’re on the beach or the mountain, these hard-wearing pieces will stick it out and keep your money dressed well. Read more

The Sergeant wallet is perfect for the classic man. It's a simple leather two-fold with enough space for your cards without going over the top. If you’re a guy that’s always on the go, try the Barrel wallet. The zipper will keep your euros inside when you’re outside. We wouldn’t be a surf brand without a bit of flair, and our collection of men’s wallets is no different. The Point Break and Pocketbook men’s wallets come in a wide variety of colours that will make a statement on your next weekend out.

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